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Free Ceiling and Underfloor Assessments

assessment.jpgADL Group Installs, we offer a on site service FREE of charge, no obligation to come out and visit your home within the Auckland Region, by inspecting your property ceiling or underfloor, we can immediately identify whether or not your house needs insulation, a simple top up, or nothing needs to be done. We will have the assessment completed within 30 minutes of our visit and present an assessment form which will come in handy for those rental properties, if insulation is required, we will also give a quote accordingly with your insulation options.

If you are familiar with insulation and products, feel free to scroll through some of our handy points below from the rental properties webpage and also a general rule of thumb on the thickness which needs to be insulated for a rental property for both ceiling and underfloor insulation.

Climate_Zone.pngInsulation will be compulsory in all rental homes from 1 July 2019.

Ceiling and underfloor insulation must be installed, where it is reasonably practicable to install. It must comply with the regulations and be safely installed. Wall insulation is not compulsory.

Any new, replacement or top-up insulation installed after 1 July 2016 in a rental home must meet the regulations that will apply to all rental homes from 1 July 2019.

Ceiling Insulation Guidelines

ceiling_insulation_pinkbatts.jpgThis Rule of Thumb has been created for the most common types of older ceiling insulation materials – glass ???bre insulation, and macerated paper insulation. It may also be applied to blown wool insulation. Most common types of older insulation would have been at least 100mm thick when new, however some settlement or compression can be expected for older insulation. In general, all areas of ceiling insulation should have a thickness greater than 70 mm above all accessible habitable spaces, as shown below:


OK ~____________________________________________ Over 100 mm

MAY NEED TOPPING UP ~ _____________________ Between 70 mm and 100 mm

REQUIRES RETROFIT~ _________________________________ Below 70 mm

Underfloor Insulation Guidelines


The under???oor insulation must cover all accessible parts of the ???oor below the habitable spaces of the dwelling, except where clearances are required – e.g. for pipework –. The insulation must be in reasonable conditin – damage such as rips, tears, or salt or dust deposits on the shiny face of foil insulation degrades the performance of foil insulation. It is common to ???nd damage to under???oor foil insulation. Where existing insulation is damaged, degraded, missing or incomplete, new non-electrically conductive under???oor insulation must be installed with an R-value of at least R 1.3 from 1 July 2016.

insulation statement / certificate for all rental properties compulsory july 2019

Not only your rental insulation needs to be up to standard but a Insulation Statement or Certificate also needs to clarify where when and how is your insulation up to standard.  

ADL GROUP Ltd provides a one stop shop for all this to happen and to comply for your rental property.  We offer complimentary statements and certificates on all rental properties that we install, if we inspect and the house is already compliant with the latest RTA Rental Insulation guidelines, a small fee applies to have the statement or certificate issued for you.