Why Choose GreenStuf®

  • Durable - Greenstuf will not settle or reduce its performance over time and is backed by a 50 year product durability warranty
  • Local & Proud - Greenstuf is proudly made right here in New Zealand
  • Fire Safe - Greenstuf Polyester insulation is non-flammable and meets all the relevant fire standards for NZDC compliance including downlights
  • Recycled Content - Greenstuf is manufactured using a minimum of 45% recycled PET plastics, and also recyclable at the end of its life
  • High Performance - is not affected by moisture, mould or mildrew, and is naturally resistant to insect and vermin attack, and exceeds all requirements of the NZ Building Code
  • Safe to Touch - Greenstuf is 100% polyester (like a duvet) so there is no nasty itching or scratching.  Its completely safe and does not require protective clothing for handling or install
  • Safer indoor air quality - Greenstuf does not contain any added chemicals such as formaldehyde based binders or fibres that can be breathed into your lungs